Architectural Design Using CAD

Computer-aided-design (CAD) technology has been using in the AEC industry for last three decades. The advent of this technology has brought progress towards designing and drawing technique. CAD process first brought the trend of preparing digital drawing and design by using computer. A computer aided drawing provides lots of facilities to users over a handmade [...]

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Modern Architecture and Global Trends

Breakthroughs in construction technologies, which are leave a wide space for the most fastidious architects’ ideas and create a new epoch in modern art of building that includes many directions and styles. But essentially it is possible to divide styles, which modern architecture appeals for the purposes of discussion into three main categories: classic, modern [...]

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What is an Architectural Design?

Architectural design is a creative scope of activity, dealing with guidance and construction process planning, development of a comfortable life environment and habitation for people. It has a very beautiful and rich history of development. Planning of a comfortable surrounding is a rather complicated task. The main principle of the work is an individual and [...]

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