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The design of public places (restaurants, bars, cafes, beauty salons, shops, offices) is fundamentally different from the residential interior design. When the private interior is created, the result of work should appeal to a limited number of people.
The situation is somewhat different from the public areas. The architect has to account for the desires of some average number of potential visitors while working on the design. Oddly enough, the main objective of commercial design is to make a profit.

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We will develop your project so that everything will be taken into account. Interior design services require constant supervision, which ensures a high quality of work done. Repair, design, interior trim based on technical documentation developed by following rules and must meet all the requirements.
The customer comes to your store or office and your income depends on the surrounding interior. In stylish, chic boutiques people are more likely to leave their money rather than in a gray and miserable, or even worse – tastelessly decorated place.

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Our goal is to develop the commercial design so that your store or office stands out among the many other ones by being memorable, functional and attractive for the customer.
The project designed by our company will be constructed by professional finishers. Our team of experienced builders performs construction and finishing works of any complexity in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price. Conclusion of the agreement is a necessity, all the required licenses are guaranteed.