The calculation of 3D rendering cost is executed on an individual basis, taking into account a line of factors, including the customer’s wishes, time and cost required.

To create a three-dimensional images and to perform a rendering with quality, we use the best software only. We will recreate all the smallest details of the future structure, if required.
NYrender Company sticks to a transparent price policy in the pricing policy: before the work starts, we are ready to advise you on cost of your job and why the amount is like this.

What determines the cost of 3D rendering?

Experts from NYrender Company perform tasks of any complexity using the Architectural Rendering, Interior Visualization , Architectural Animation and Architectural Design. Of course, the cost of 3D rendering in each of these areas is determined by various criteria.

1. Cost of Architectural rendering depends on various parameters – the complexity of the building facades, shape and number of decorations, as well as the complexity of the surrounding landscape. If you need to make a complex photorealistic view of the surrounding terrain, weather conditions and facade lighting, then the price of 3D visualization of the object will be higher.

2. Cost of Interior Visualization depends on floor space, the complexity of its filling as well as the lighting. Visualization of the interior with complex furniture shapes, classic furniture, will be more expensive.

3. It is difficult to determine the cost of rendering of architectural objects without having information about them. The price depends on the complexity of the object, its material, the texture of pattern, and style of its admission.

In order to determine the cost 3D rendering of your object precisely, please contact our representative by phone or send an e-mail.

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