Bars and Restaurants Design

What catches your eye at the very first moment when you enter the restaurant? It’s not a menu, perfect service or even an amazingly talented chef (funny, probably – you come to the restaurant and the chef rushes into your eyes…). The setting makes the first impression on you. The style of restaurant’s interior, its coziness, the lighting – whether it is blinding bright or soft and muted. Your decision to stay in this place, or go to a nearby bar (cafe, restaurant) depends on these details.

And now it all depends on the menu, service and chef. Our task is to make sure that visitors stay in your restaurant. It’s difficult to make them want to come again just by using commercial design, you have to try your best here too.

In addition we are designing very stylish and trendy clubs, discos and all sorts of other racket-dance places! This also applies to commercial design – one of the main directions of our activity.
Our qualified finishers will bring to life any possible design idea. They are experts with knowledge of the specifics of finishing work, all details and nuances. In addition, while doing their job, they gain the information where to get the best quality material at the lowest price possible. What else is important, the customer can hire the finish specialists to perform certain types of work: plastering, tiling, wallpapering. Choosing a “ready-to-move” service is an option too.