Computer-aided-design (CAD) technology has been using in the AEC industry for last three decades. The advent of this technology has brought progress towards designing and drawing technique. CAD process first brought the trend of preparing digital drawing and design by using computer. A computer aided drawing provides lots of facilities to users over a handmade drawing. CAD has first enabled professionals to make a 3D model of the project and visualize that model from all angles in an efficient manner. In this article, it is going to discuss – how CAD helps in improving creativity in architectural design.

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The CAD tool has evolved significantly over the last three decades. With the development of this computer-aided-design tool, more advanced techniques of preparing drawings and designs have come into the market.

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In architectural engineering services, drawings are used not only to provide architecture related information to clients, contractors, engineers, architects and other professionals, but also and most importantly, this drawing is utilized as a central tool in the entire design process itself. In some aspect, computers are much superior to human. Though both of them can process any calculation very quickly, but potentially a computer does not forget anything what a man does. In some case, human beings are also more superior to computers. Computers are not able like man at recognition, interpretation and the reconciliation of conflicting demands.


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In architectural services, CAD has a big role in producing precise architectural drawing. In reality, before preparing an architectural design for a project, at first the design team, client team and other professionals conduct a conversation and they take firm decision about the building architecture. Once everything is finalized, design team starts to create drawing according to the decision. A drawing includes every detail of the building architecture. CAD assists users to include all the dimensions and other details within the drawing in an accurate manner. It is also possible to make any kind of changes easily within the digital drawing that helps is saving big amount of money significantly.

3D CAD assists professionals in developing accurate architectural model that includes comprehensive architecture related data of the project. While this model is generated, users can add appropriate color, materials, sunlight effect and shadow effect for making the model photo-realistic to some extent. This model enables viewers to visualize the entire model from all corners. Hence, viewers can easily get a clear idea about the project design and building appearance.

Hence, CAD has a big role in creating high-end and creative architectural design effectively.

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