We offer to our clients in-depth consultation about relevant construction and design aspects of their future projects. This includes analysis of building feasibility, current Building Code and ADA requirements, possible Department of Buildings and Landmarks constraints that are currently in effect, alternative development options and estimated range of related costs.

Our DOB sets include, but are not limited to, plot plan, riser diagram, energy calculations, proposed floor plan, finish plan, elevations, reflected ceiling plan, power plan, HVAC plan, sections, schedules and specifications, and other specific details required to file an application and obtain a building permit.

For Architectural Drawings services to be effective, the design team needs to have, above everything else, the imagination to match the client’s architectural vision. Nyrender Company is a design agency that has, at its disposal, a qualified team of artists, architects, and design engineers whose imaginative prowesses match their technical abilities. The agency understands that the conceptual art of a client’s real estate project is the first step taken, even before the engineering and structural plans have taken shape, and provide solutions that help clients put their best foot forward.

We provide the following list of Architectural Drawings services to clients who approach us with their design requirements:

• Low aerial renditions of residential, commercial, and retail spaces that reflect a contemporary aesthetic
• Detailed exterior renditions of hotels, pool decks, condos, and high rises
• Eye level renderings of shopping centres that reflects an insider’s view
• Interior renditions of restaurant lobbies, waiting rooms, and residential rooms
• Rendered sections of atriums and corporate offices
• Architectural floor plans of residential rooms such as the study, kitchen, and living room
• Opaque renderings of governments premises such as civil and court rooms

Personnel who handle the real estate projects of our patrons are well versed with the technical and design skills required to develop an aesthetically impressive layout. Conceptual renderings are used as promotional material and our agency creates renditions that highlight the architectural vision of our patrons. We continually strive to achieve optimum design solutions that would benefit our clients.

In our endeavour to achieve successful results, we utilize design methods that would serve our purpose. Watercolour images that highlight the energy of a proposed project are used in combination with digital renderings for a modern touch.

At Nyrender Company, we provide tailor made design solutions to our clients that help them to realize their real estate dreams.