Breakthroughs in construction technologies, which are leave a wide space for the most fastidious architects’ ideas and create a new epoch in modern art of building that includes many directions and styles. But essentially it is possible to divide styles, which modern architecture appeals for the purposes of discussion into three main categories: classic, modern age and composite style.

modern architecture
The conception of modern architectural classic is became diluted. Practically all European architecture directions which were existed from 20-th years of XX century and till nowadays and include period looks as antiquity or modern, it is possible to define as classic. Perhaps its background is that the process of important appealing to the world architecture heritage and preservation of monuments has begun in Western world. More architects use exactly these architectural traditions together with contemporary trends.
The example of such creations may serve a modern smart building of Pavilion Hotel, which is included into the Trianon Palace & Spa facilities, which are plays harmonically into the well-attended garden with secular trees, not far away from famous French kings’ quarters.
And the architecture of Sydney Sheraton on the Park Hotel moves us in time of palaces’ epoch. Hotel’s favourite location is in the heart of the city, opposite famous Hyde Park. It makes all sightseeing of the city as closer and accessible. They are: Opera House, Sydney Bay, Sydney Tower, theatres and museums. It is possible to admire the breath-taking sea and urban landscapes of Sydney from the swimming-pool on the 23 floor.

Another direction of architectonic is Art Nouveau of the beginning of the XX century, which is mainly attributed to classic. The conception «modern» isn’t classic in a strict sense. 108-storeyed skyscraper Freedom Tower was being built in such style. It is an architect David M. Childs’s project. Freedom Tower is the highest building in it, which has been built at a place where the tower was broken September 11, 2001 in Manhattan, New-York. The skyscraper is 609,6 metres high.

modern architecture rendering
The most popular modern styles are minimalism and High-Tech. The point of minimalism is a limiting of forms simplifications, freedom from decoration, aspiration for minimum surface cultivation and temperance in colours. Each jog in the wall, every niche has a functional load itself.
High-Tech as well as minimalism is a sufficiently immature style. It resembles minimalism according to the lack of decorative components. The differential peculiarity of High-Tech is abundance of metallic, plated with chromium constructions and elements. The example of such art of building is Burj al-Arab Hotel that is a part of Jumeirah Beach International Resort. It is 321metres high. Hotel’s building is a unique one in architecture’s own fashion. It was built in the form of a sail at an artificial island in 280 metres from the land. There were used modern technologies in its construction. Burj al-Arab Hotel is the fourth highest building in the world (only 60 m lower than Empire State Building in the USA). Also it is considered to be the most expensive project in the world. The architecture of multiple story building styled on a huge sail is unique. During its erection much know-how were used. They hadn’t been used nowhere in the world before. So the example is that carcass foreside was paneled with double, super tough glass and teflon-coated. The translation of the name is «Arab Tower».

skyscraper rendering
The Art Deco style which was born in America during Great Depression times is becoming more popular today after 50 years of oblivion. The spectacular example of art deco is characterized by mixture of Egyptian, oriental or industrial style elements, and this example is Empire State Building.
102-storeyed skyscraper was built in New York, in 1931. And nowadays it is the local attraction. A grey stone frontispiece of the skyscraper is decorated with steel stripes lengthen skyward and upper floors are situated as three projections. The depth of rotunda inside has 30 metres long and the height of three floors. The entry hall is decorated with magnificent panel-painting of seven wonders of images, but although with the eighth one. It is the modern Empire State building. The Guinness Hall of Records is situated in it where information about extraordinary records has been collected.

architecture rendering
There are sightseeing platforms on the 87 and 102 floors which are shows an amazing view of the New York. If you go there in the evening then the beauty of nighty city will leave indelible impression in your heart. The picturesque district Art Deco in Miami Beach is one of the best modern examples of such art deco. It is the only one of its kind in the USA where appears so clearly this trend. Art Deco is overbuilt with a great number of hotels and baronial mansions which were built mainly in 20-50th years of the last century. It seems that these buildings are soaring in the sky. They are a spectacular example of art deco with distinctive features of rounded corners and regular-shaped décor.
In this style was built and the given lovely villa «A dab of Saulino». It was belonging to the great Italian couturier Gianni Versace and he was shot there.
An individual place among modern styles belongs to oriental and exotic styles. The most popular style amidst oriental nowadays is pseudo-Japanese style. Restaurants and country houses are often built in such style. They prefer to build private residences in so called «organic» architecture. The founder of it is American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is necessary to take into account the home connections with wild-life and landscape during construction process according to this trend. For their erection used both traditional materials and reimpositioned concrete. These houses are aged in laconic manner and very comfortable.
But the most perfect state is Regionalism, which the modern architecture has achieved. It appeals architects to creative rethinking of local conditions. Architectural constructions which have been built in accordance with this principle are naturally blended into the local (regional) conditions, landscape, harmonize with historical development and correspond to environmental conditions. These are exactly correct criteria of general coherence and a competent customer should press for them from his architect.