Architectural design is a creative scope of activity, dealing with guidance and construction process planning, development of a comfortable life environment and habitation for people. It has a very beautiful and rich history of development.

Planning of a comfortable surrounding is a rather complicated task. The main principle of the work is an individual and accurate treatment of each project, simplicity and stability. Many architects existed who invented and implemented a great number of amazing buildings, which we admire to the present day.

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Different communities are developing at a given trend, and architectural design studio is on the first place. Pyramids of Giza are believed to be the very first designers’ construction. Some people believe that Pyramids were created by extraterrestrial, because it is very difficult to imagine as human beings were able to build such monumental and large objects of architecture without modern technologies and devices. Architectural design had been exuberating and developing actively during a long period of time. The most powerful development moment of architectural design is falls on Renaissance or the Revival of Learning. There appeared magnificent facilities, which we continue admire today. These are the Uffizi Gallery, St. Peter’s Basilica, Palazzo Pandolfini and others.

Many other architectural styles began to appear and develop later. Gothics is a style of the Middle age. Its main peculiars are refinement, elegance and nobleness of the using forms. Classicism is a geometric and rational style, and its main feature is observance of symmetry. Art nouveau is a rationalism and benefit, comfort and smooth forms. Functionalism is one of the modern tendencies in architectural design. The main motto of it is minimalism and functionalism. High tech is also a modern style, which is extremely claimed today. It accomplishes using wood and glass, metal and plastic, and application of simple forms and lines.

Architectural Design

Modern architectural design includes all above mentioned styles. Architectural and design planning is very popular today. Architectural design studio purposefully works on development and prosperity of design techniques. They are intended to making our world better in design’s area and technologies, using balance materials from natural to artificial, which will complement each other and underline architectural forms.