1. The presence of all source materials.

So, in order to do the work we need the source materials as object’s drawings, these can be plans, facades, sectional elevations, sketches, photographs, examples of resembling buildings. If we haven’t them enough we will do it nevertheless. But without necessary materials the cost will increase as we have to create all missing documents ourselves.

2. The complication of a project itself (extent complexity, materials, surrounding elements, etc.)

Labor-intensiveness and accordingly to it the visualization works price is depends on which method of premises presentation is used (bird’s eye panorama, only facades, single building, entire street or neighborhood). To choose the most effective way of object’s presentation depending on goals we suggest you call us on the phone   (718) 490-9479  for consultation.
Collectively we choose the necessary type of visualization and make a commercial proposal.

3. The projects vary in complexity. The more easy volume, materials, surrounding objects, the more cheap it will be.

The whole work in 3D modeling buildings and visualization can take time from 2 days (3d house or cottage) till 2 weeks (different-type buildings neighborhood).
We always ready to show understanding for clients’ situation and perform emergency order, even we need to work on days off or at night.

5. Production time of 3D visualization.  The more time is needed for rendering, especially for qualitative and worked, the more the price for it.

6. The cost depends on urgency which you need for a ready project. Quality workmanship at aggressive duration is more expensive than if you have time allowance.

7. The degree of final image conventionality.

The creation of super realistic image is needed more meticulous work and that is why we do it at a high price.Alternatively the sketchy visualization is done quickly and costs cheaper. The sketchy variant of visualization allows your client to understand the project as a whole and not to take attention on unnecessary details.

8. The creation of maximum realistic image is more expensive than conditional sketchy, because it needs hard work.

The image helps client to see the real photograph of an accommodation, which is not exist, if it has been made in such a way. But the sketchy variant is easier in implementation, costs cheaper, performs quickly and doesn’t take attention on unnecessary details.

9. Ultimately, final images’ quantity and size are influenced the price.

As a result of our work you will get a number of photorealistic building images, which demonstrate their future view. Image’s data can be printed for presentation or advertising campaign, give them to client for agreement on e-mail and file them into the sketch-book of design documentation. Resolution, quantity and angles are discussed at the technical stage of a project.

If you wish to make an order call us on phone  (718) 490-9479 for discussing project’s details, be ready to send information upon the project to our  email: [email protected]

After considering the results of conversation we will be ready to make a commercial proposal.