Many people like designers, architects, studios, construction companies, natural persons and even students use services of visualizers. Because photorealistic image can significantly facilitate sales, presentations, negotiations and make the project more presentable, informative and imposing.
Moreover, it unnecessary to show on fingers what does it mean for your customer.

Architecture Visualization is not a whim of the “money bags”. Nevertheless, that even today a lot of people think so, many of even not big architecture projects can’t handle without services of visualizers. It easier to give some money for understandable picture, than remake several times the interior or rebuild full house or complex.

Architecture Render
Right Architecture Visualization contain some moments like great graphic study of all details of interior or exterior, enjoyable for your view composition, play of light and shade, and of course, realistic building of all architecture parts. However, saying the truth, lighting and composition are always play lead role for people, who don’t specialize in the sphere of projecting.
There are two types of architecture visualization: hand graphics – constructed image with principles of descriptive geometry and next possible computer processing, and computer graphics – vector or raster visualization, panorama or animation that made by different program possibilities with help of the rendering method. Architecture visualizers use utilities like ArchiCAD, 3dsMax, Maya, AutoCAD, v-Ray, SketchUp and other less known.
The cause of own wide possibilities in the computer graphics sphere, architecture visualization became a separate branch in the world market.
At this stage of humanity progress, the most widespread way of working in architecture visualization sphere is freelance programming. A big quantity of designers are ready to cooperation with other people, who interested in this graphics sphere by worldwide web.