site plan rendering

Site Plan Renderings and Bird View created for the presentation or when creating a project of integrated development of the territory. It can be cottage villages and urban blocks. It has a bird’s-eye view and displays all the topology of the site, with the existing terrain, streams, rivers, ponds and other water units. Site Plan Renderings shows all already existing road infrastructure, including the one, which is to be created as a construction result. Forests and separate trees, planted during construction are also reflected. As a result, the Site Plan Renderings should reflect the final picture of the territory.

Creation of a visualization plan is a very important initial phase of the territory’s development, and also as a phase of a complex architectural project. Initially, the Site Plan Renderings is done based on sketches, to toka a look at the architecture and infrastructure of the area, to perform the presentation to potential investors, management, mayor, and to assess the attractiveness and feasibility of construction.

The quality of the Site Plan Renderings often has influence on the destiny of the project. The confidence of investors depends directly from its expression. The key structures can be displayed as well developed in the plan at this stage, so the rest can be worked-out later as it takes much time. Detailed look of the territory shifts at the second plan at the moment. However, once the project approved, everything is drawn more precisely. Based on the detailed rendering, a 3D animation can also be done as a camera flyby. This allows seeing the entire architecture fully. Moreover, a 3D panorama for individual sections can be performed also.
Rendering can have a bigger look – it is when of only the basic elements – buildings, infrastructure modeling and forests – placed on the model. It may also be developed with many specific details, with better placement of units – cars, people, lampposts, benches, fences, etc. This will create more realistic look, but will require a larger budget and created longer.

Pictures from Site Plan Renderings can be used for the printing – in promo-materials of the construction company, its booklets, company website and at presentations and events.