In cases when guaranteed architectural visualization results are required it makes no sense to even try to save couple of hundreds or even thousands dollars on architectural renderings, when your design project’s future is at stake. Saving your valuable time and securing success of your pre-sale marketing campaign has to be your top priority.

Production of a professional architectural rendering is highly creative process and you should not apply your standard negotiation or outsourcing methods when ordering an architectural rendering. When you buy construction materials, furniture or a property for instance, it’s completely different situation, since the product parameters are more predefined then when you buy an artwork.
Photo realistic architectural rendering is not something that can be as easily bought in China, India or some other distant country without lost of quality, compromised turnaround, non-delivery and increased risk of financial losses. Construction materials or furniture can be surely cheaper to import from other countries, however not something truly creative and detailed, since you need to order from someone who truly understands local market. Buying a 3-D digital artwork is closely related to creativity and prospective marketing usage or an architectural rendering. It’s more like buying antique masterpieces when you need to be sure that what you see is what you get.


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The point is, if somebody is offering you an extremely cheap price for creative architectural visualization or even making PAY-IF-YOU like offer, then be aware, this is may be just a trap. Even, if you will not loose any money, because of this “attractive” policies, you will definitely loose your valuable time and possibly you may put your project’s future under greater risk. Since, if a company doesn’t ask for a deposit, it can only lead to the old trick of being completely non-responsible for any results or even delivery. Company like that may use your project, just for gaining same experience with you and moreover ask you for some extra charge in exchange to releasing final high resolution results to you. 3-D visualization is a highly professional industry and it’s not common to ask for a drive test here. If somebody will offer you to pay upon delivery then it’s not a reliable provider at all and chances are this “freelancer” works from an internet cafe or a library somewhere overseas and has no clue what your project needs are and how to finish your project on time. You can easily determine a company like that, since they will only provide an 1-800 number on their webpage or just a virtual phone number and will never mail you a media kit from their zip code.

Thus, watch out, if there is no mailing address, or PO Box only and the company does not accepts all types of payments or does not offer refunds on credit card payments then chances are you might get crewed up. Based on international statistics most of the online frauds come from companies located overseas, since they feel that from legal point of view it’s very difficult to go after them. This makes recovery of your hard earn money almost impossible. If an overseas company asks you about making a wire transfer, this is not a good sign as well, since this kind of funds transfer is considered to be mostly risky and non-recoverable at all. Moreover, this company can easily obtain information about your bank account or credit card information from you and then use it in some illegal ways.

This is just friendly recommendation based on the author’s personal experience related to buying architectural renderings on the web and we recommend to seek a legal advise of a qualified professional in prior to placing an online order with an architectural rendering service company located overseas and providing incomplete or outdated contact information on their web site.
Architectural renderings may cost a lot for some of you, thus spend your money wisely and try to eliminate the risks.