NYrender Company offers a range of design solutions to clients who approach them with their 3D rendering needs. The agency has a dedicated team that develops client-centric solutions to provide satisfying design solutions for our patrons. We have formulated a specific process that helps us deliver our best to clients.

The Process

  • The client delivers the specifics of their real project such as dimensions, elevations, sectional divisions, floor plans, and standards to the agency. Specifications can be delivered through AutoCAD drawings or even hand sketches.
  • Specifications received from the client are thoroughly analyzed by our team of engineers. If they have any queries, immediate clarification is sought from the client to avoid any delays.
  • The agency then sends a quote. Once it is approved, the design work is handed over to a Lead Engineer. The lead is selected depending on the kind of design required, i.e. Animation, 2D Drafting, Walkthrough, or 3D Modelling.
  • Work is designated to respective groups by the lead. The project is closely monitored and reviews are conducted periodically by the lead and top management. Quality of the work is tested by implementing a two-tier checking system.
  • A preview rendering of the design work is mailed to the clients. This draft is used for editing changes based on the feedback from the client before the presentation of the final design. The draft is delivered within agreed timelines.
  • The client gives their feedback.
  • The final high-quality render is delivered to the client by FTP or mail after a final quality check.

NYrender Company maintains open channels of communication with clients to ensure all the needs and requirements of the client are met successfully.

Contact Us over phone or mail for custom samples and detailed pricing. We are open round the clock for your convenience.