Nyrender Company has come across as a reliable name in the field of building modeling and related projects. The company also assesses as well as supports three and four dimensional modeling along with building information modeling applications. The power vested in the company in terms of coordination, the visualization, simulation as well as optimization by using the 3D, 4D along with the technology of BIM allows Nyrender Company to effectively stand up to the requirements of the customers. The company commits itself to the strategy building and the incremental adoption in case of the 3D, 4D and the building information modeling technology.

It is true that 3D has made some valuable contribution in the sector for communication but not every 3D model can qualify under the building information modeling criteria as 3D only forms a part of the concept known as BIM. This is where the expert aid of our company comes into use.
In order to ensure the integration of the models on computer with the project the inclusion in terms of information is necessary to generate a feedback. BIM being a base for shared knowledge is reliable resource for basing the decision and reducing the efforts spent in re-gathering as well as reformatting the data.

The highlight of the BIM program is as follows:

• Establishment of policy to phase all projects within the ambit of 3D, 4D as well as BIM processes.
• Capital projects which have the pilot applications available on 3D as well as 4D
• Assessment of industrial readiness as well as maturity of technology
• Publishing of the BIM series and guide
• Establishment of the knowledge and community portal
• Construction of a toolkit specific to BIM
• Partnership along with vendors, organizations following open standards and research institutions along with professionals associated with the projects
• Building of a community which is oriented to BIM and its champions