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Preliminary Architectural Design

The initial stage of construction sites supposes the development of ideological framework, prototype, breadboard model, which you need for definite building creation according to building norms and rules. The project is an opportunity to control the interim contractors’ steps and quality of a final result. Project planning includes different stages (concept formulation, suggestions, analysis, project, [...]

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Modern Architecture and Global Trends

Breakthroughs in construction technologies, which are leave a wide space for the most fastidious architects’ ideas and create a new epoch in modern art of building that includes many directions and styles. But essentially it is possible to divide styles, which modern architecture appeals for the purposes of discussion into three main categories: classic, modern [...]

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What is an Architectural Design?

Architectural design is a creative scope of activity, dealing with guidance and construction process planning, development of a comfortable life environment and habitation for people. It has a very beautiful and rich history of development. Planning of a comfortable surrounding is a rather complicated task. The main principle of the work is an individual and [...]

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What is determined the cost of visualization works?

1. The presence of all source materials. So, in order to do the work we need the source materials as object’s drawings, these can be plans, facades, sectional elevations, sketches, photographs, examples of resembling buildings. If we haven’t them enough we will do it nevertheless. But without necessary materials the cost will increase as we [...]

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3d Architecture Visualization

Many people like designers, architects, studios, construction companies, natural persons and even students use services of visualizers. Because photorealistic image can significantly facilitate sales, presentations, negotiations and make the project more presentable, informative and imposing. Moreover, it unnecessary to show on fingers what does it mean for your customer. Architecture Visualization is not a whim [...]

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What is Architecture Rendering?

Architecture rendering is a form of drawing that architects use in order to show off the designs that they have come up with. Unlike visualisations; which can be two dimensional or three dimensional, architecture rendering uses two dimensional designs only. Usually, an architect will put together a two dimensional line drawing that shows the building [...]

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3d Architectural Renderings

Despite the factthat photography, film and 3D animation provides photorealistic images to us, they have some confines.3D architectural visualization process allows professionals to make compositive images with photo-realistic quality that provide a comprehensive visualization of the project. The image may help viewers to make out thepurpose of the project and the design of the building [...]

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