NYrender Company  is a full service design firm  located in New York, NY. We create commercial and residential photo-realistic 3d architectural renderings. Our major market is builders and developers.

We have more than 15 years experience in the Architecture and Interior Design field. Our professionals are Architects and Interior Designers so you can feel confident that your project will be as accurate as can be.  

Feel free to browse through our site and contact us with any questions or comments. Our portfolio here is only a summarized list of projects we have worked on.

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What are your needs?

Are you Architect, Interior Designer, Builder, Manufacture or Developer who needs to show a proposed project to clients?Deadlines are too much pressure for your team, especially when other projects also demand full attention?
Rendering or walkthrough animation is the solution.
We do rendering and walkthrough animation starting from a CAD file or Google Sketchup file
Do you need to cut expenses in crisis time but you still have to invest in more marketing tools to improve your business?Do you have a floor plan in mind, but not sure what it would look like once it’s built?
We do renderings and walkthrough animations at affordable prices even for bad times. Visualize it in a rendering and make others understand your idea with a walkthrough animation.
Do you have a small business and the 3D approach is too expensive for you, or are you afraid of not getting satisfactory productivity in-house?
Once again rendering or walkthrough animation is the solution.

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General Information

We at NYrender Company  are committed to providing our clients with professional architecture and interior design services. Our professionals will take you step-by-step thru the process of creating a successful marketing tool in today’s industry.

Renderings are one of the most valuable assets in the architectural and interior design industry. Renderings offer the most direct and accurate way to present a project to a client. Virtual reality renderings are much more effective than presenting hand drawings or 3-D wireframe sketches.

For an even more interactive and impressive experience, we also offer real time walkthroughs. Real time walkthroughs are animations of your finished project. They can be presented either on a computer or if more convenient, on a television.

Based on your needs, we offer options and suggestions on the desired color scheme. We can also simply go by your own specifications. We will communicate directly with you either by fax, phone and/or e-mail.

How does our rendering and walkthrough animation service works?

You can provide us with floor plans, exterior elevations, and roof plans of your project in CAD format.
We analyze your information and make you an approximately estimate for creating the 3D model of your project, create the rendering or perform the walkthrough animation. During the process we will send you previsualizations of the rendering or the animation that must be approved by you. At final approval of the rendering or the animation we send you the rendering or the animation in digital media. In the brief The rendering can be saved at high-resolution on a Jpeg, Tiff, Png and mailed to you or can be sent over the via e-mail

The brief is the first form of communication between you and us. Creating a definitive and easy to follow set of instructions means we will get the rendering looking perfect quicker. Keep in mind that considering we are building a perfect 3D scene you will need to get us all the information that you would require if you were building the scene in real life

Step by Step process

1. Your project can either be submitted  by  e-mail. The most efficient way of sending your project is utilizing a CAD file which is created by your designer or architect.

2. We will then ask you to give us a list of materials, colors and details you want to be included in your project (i.e. Doors, landscaping, fascia, etc.).

3. From here, we will create the 3-D wire-frame and submit the file to you via e-mail for your review, prior to applying color and texture.

4. After your approval, we will apply any changes you have requested and then proceed with the application of color, texture and landscaping (for exterior renderings). Again, a preliminary colored rendering will be submitted for your review.

5. We will then make a few modifications needed and submit it to you for final approval.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our procedures. If you would like us to bid on your next project, please send an email to [email protected]  with as much information as you can provide, in order for us to submit an accurate bid(i.e. Number of renderings needed, square footage, materials used, etc.).